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Estée Lauder: One Use Back In The Day And I Never Looked Back

Estée Lauder is one skincare

brand that I could use year round without fail and I’m in the habit of starting one product and moving to the other without finishing. Not with Estée Lauder, babes.

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PS This is a two part article

If you love skincare, you’d appreciate two things in your skincare product: Moisture and Hydration. This brand knows just what we need and makes sure to give that in their serum, Essences and moisturizer.

I usually buy in sets because it’s easy to carry and assembly than in bits. The main products I focus on (from Estée Lauder) are:

  • Advanced Night Repair
  • Revitalizing Supreme +
  • Nutritious Vitality8™
  •  Micro Essence 
  •  Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum 
  •  Advanced Night Repair Eye 

If they all sound like gibberish, I’ll explain in a bit. They are Serums (treatments), Creams and Essences.

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Advanced Night Repair: Synchronised Recovery Complex II

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My first EL product and it is love

My Thoughts:

This is a tester so I can’t really go on about it like I would have loved to but it’s a rich day cream packed with Antioxidants and has a silky smooth finish like the Supreme+ above. It is white and lightly fragranced. It is made exclusively for Asian skin. Long list of ingredients here too. I can’t try to break it down.

You can click on this link to see the conclusion of the review. Thank you.

I hope you love Estée Lauder too. Otherwise, what are your faves???

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